Taunt Battleworld

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Taunt Battleworld is a fighting game simulator launched from the minds of veterans from Amazon, EA, and Unity. Set in an apocalyptic world, the old Gods have turned Earth into their own personal playground called Battleworld.

25,000 Acolyte Warriors wage battle against each other in a bloody bid to inherit the planet. Some seek the path to survival, others seek glory, and in the twisted darkness there are those who seek chaos. Just as important as winning fights is how fights are won. Good Luck Warrior.

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Get early access to Taunt Battleworld by minting a Skull Pass NFT. We're only allowing 2,500 of these passes. Only holders of the NFT will gain early access.


Total Mint Price: 0.1ETH + GAS

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Skull Pass Benefits

Genesis Skull Pass is considered a founders pass of Taunt Battleworld

Skull Pass
  • 1 Acolyte Warrior (automatically airdropped via Chainlink VRF within minutes of minting the Genesis Skull Pass)
  • Entry into $100,000 exclusive Genesis Skull Pass Holders only tournaments throughout 2022
  • Bonus multipliers on tournaments winnings
  • Bonus multipliers on our Engage-to-Earn functionality upon release
  • First access opportunities to every Taunt Battleworld NFT drop moving forward including licensed IP drops featuring Floyd Mayweather
  • Exclusive Alpha given to Genesis Skull Pass holders through our “Valhalla” channel on Discord
  • Ability to test gameplay features first

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Please install MetaMask to mint

How to Buy the Skull Pass

Taunt Battleworld Character
  • Each Genesis Skull Pass is 0.1 ETH
  • The same wallet can mint multiple times (but there is a limit of 10 on each transaction)
  • At the top of the page, click "Connect Wallet" to connect your MetaMask wallet
  • Once connected, follow the steps to mint your Genesis Skull Pass
  • You will receive your Genesis Skull Pass on the Ethereum network
  • You will also automatically receive your Acolyte Warrior airdrop (on Polygon network) via Chainlink VRF within minutes (if there is no network congestion)
  • You can view your Genesis Skull Pass and Acolyte Warrior in your OpenSea profile (check the "Hidden" tab for your warrior)